How to reduce issues with your shrink packing machines

How to reduce issues with your shrink packing machines

You never want your shrink packaging machine to go down. If it does, you will lose your employees productivity. Besides, you will experience delivery delays in addition to the cost required to get back the machine up and running. However, preventing this mess from taking place requires planning for regular maintenance before and after use in addition to routine preventive maintenance.

In this article, we shall discuss the ways you can alleviate problems with your shrink packing machine.

 The Berenstain Approach

Like the kids’ books, The Berenstain Bears, sealers are the main cause of packaging re-wraps. If you’re experiencing some ugly seals on your shrink, check the items below.

Do your sealer bars get too cold or too hot? These problems can cause your seal to appear unprofessional. The key is to ensure that before you begin your runs during each shift, check the temperature of your sealer.

Is the tension off? Make sure you carry a random check on the pressure to confirm that it completes the seal and it isn’t loose. If the sealer becomes loose, it will likely cause inevitable re-wraps and deformed package.


Most shrink materials are static-prone, and therefore static is the leading cause of shrink issues. Make sure that you check static shocks on your shrink packing machine.

Whenever you have issues with your machines film tracking, check for grounding. The easiest way to confirm if your machinery has some static-cling is to hold a part of the shrink film above the machine. You will need to get some grounding there if it attracts the machine.

A different way to decrease static is to rough up the flat shiny surfaces in which the shrink film slides across using sandpaper.

Feel the Tension

Seals that pull apart easily and bad cross-seals can be a cause of tension.

If you notice a terrible cross seals while using an I – bar sealer, check the distance that exists between the products being wrapped. A smaller the gap ensures that more tension is created when the package moves through the sealer bar.

Also, check your shrink wrapping machine for clamps and springs because a missing clamp could cause tension as well.

Clean your utensils

If the machine requires a knife to seal, there is a way you can reduce the issues that might arise. Start by checking the temperatures, and maintain slightly lower temperatures to minimize shrink problems.

Fundamentally, maintain the general cleanliness of your entire shrink wrap machine.

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