Overview of shrink packaging terms and factors to consider when choosing one

Overview of shrink packaging terms and factors to consider when choosing one

Shrink packing machine is a term commonly used in the packaging industry. In most cases, a shrink packing machine refers to a machine used in heat shrink wrapping machine that comprises a sealer as well as a source of heat that supply heat to the shrink wrap. Additionally, people often use the term when describing pallet stretch packing machines.

Below are a few of other Shrink Packaging Terms

Chamber size – is the center of the interior, heated region.
Angle Hair – are strands of shrink film found on the edges of the seal
Control Panel – an operating panel for a shrink or a sealer tunnel commonly comprising of conveyor speed, shrink time, temperature control, and so on.

Some basics aspects determine the cost of shrink packaging machine. First, users need three items to package items in shrink wrap; these include a heating element, a sealer, and a shrink film. The shrink is made from a variety of materials, while the most common types of film for packaging are polyolefins and PVC. A sealer seals the open ends of the film once the product gets inserted into it. The sealers come in a variety of selection of sizes, production levels, and prices. After the open ends are sealed, a heating element is used to heat the film. The film shrinks to conform to the product being wrapped as a result of the heat emanating from the heating element.

When determining the type of shrink packing machines you, here are a few factors that you need to consider.

1. Your projected level of production

If you are knew to shrink wrap machine, it is essential to realize that production levels determine the type of machine you will need. You may also be an established business that is seeking to move to shrink wrapping packaging for your product lines. In most cases, it is expected that you are familiar with production levels in your niche. In essence, an appropriately forecast production level will be helpful in determining the ideal machine to recommend. The two major factors that determine the shrink wrapping machine cost are size and efficiency.

2. Dimensions of the largest item to shrink wrap

Know the dimensions of the largest object that you wish to shrink wrap to find a machine which will wrap all of your products. A shrink wrap machine with the ability to package and seal the largest item will wrap smaller items as well.

3. The form of shrink wrap that you intend to use

The three main types of shrink wrap often used in packaging are bags, center, new, and tubing. Determining the perfect shrink-packaging machine is critical when choosing a packaging machine

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